Career Counselling Session was conducted by Ms Pooja Desai, experienced Counsellor, aimed to guide students and help them become more goal-oriented. The session focused on sensitising students about the various options available to them after completing grade X.

During the session, Ms Pooja Desai who has been in education industry for 15+ years, explained the importance of selecting a right career path.

Moreover, Ms Ankita Angiwala – Counsellor and Marketing head & Ms Ankita Shah – Coordinator were also present and shared their insights respectively.

Students were motivated to score well in grade X exam so that they can pursue their aspirations and dreams in future. This session provided valuable insights into the process of career selection, offering students a clearer understanding of their interests, strengths, and opportunities available in different fields. By shedding light on these aspects, we aimed to empower our students with knowledge that would enable them to make informed decisions about their future paths.