Celebrating Tradition, Cultivating Values: Matru-Pitru Poojan Day at BMIS

Bhagwan Mahavir International School recently organized a Matru-Pitru Poojan Day on 17th February’24 with the aim of instilling moral values and reinforcing cultural roots among students. The program commenced with a Jivan Vigyan session where students demonstrated their intuitive abilities, and parents were amazed to see their child recognising and speaking things while being blindfolded. BMIS strives to offer Holistic Education is true sense by taking care of students physical, emotional, academical, & intellect wellbeing. A highlight of the event was a Happy Parenting Session led by Dr. Harshita Jain, emphasizing the importance of parental roles in our lives. Indeed points shared by her were relatable and eye opening for the parents present. The heartwarming moment came when students performed an arti for their parents, expressing gratitude and cherishing their existence above all.