When we talk about education, “well-rounded” embodies a philosophy that believes that the development of a student is a multi-faceted journey, where academic excellence is just one facet of a much broader spectrum. Though academics is one of the most important aspects, it is not where education and learning end; it goes beyond the traditional classrooms and exam papers. We are living in the 21st century, and future challenges will require your child to be good in academics and have other life skills, and that is where the importance of a well-rounded education comes in.   

Why do students need a well-rounded education?  

Well-rounded education caters to the various aspects of an individual’s behavior by giving them access to a curriculum rich in content and extends beyond the core subjects like maths, science, reading, and writing. It pays equal attention to academic, social, and emotional skill sets for ingraining skill excellence in student development.  

Holistic Education At BMIS  

BMIS, a CBSE and GSEB school in Surat, firmly believes in holistic education. BMIS envisions an educational landscape that transcends educational boundaries, aspiring to cultivate an overall skilled generation that is not only good at solving mathematical equations or analyzing historical events but is also equipped with interpersonal life skills and resilience crucial to adapt to the complexities of the 21st century.   

At BMIS, our commitment goes beyond textbooks and classrooms. A well-rounded education program is believed to allow students to be well-prepared for the challenges of an unpredictable and ever-evolving future.  We cannot emphasize it enough, but here are a few examples of the importance of a well-rounded education.  

Builds A Strong Foundation Of Academic Excellence 

The core of education at BMIS lies in unwavering commitment to academic excellence, it is a foundation pillar of students’ Educational journey. We understand that student development cannot even begin without strong academic roots. The curriculum encourages students’ enthusiasm and curiosity to learn new things.  

Recognizing the importance of technology in new-generation education, BMIS incorporates digital and technological tools to deliver first-class education to ensure that each concept is comprehended clearly with its practical application. By prioritizing academic excellence as the foundation element, BMIS opens doors for students to excel in their chosen academic pursuits and the broader spectrum of life.  

Holistic Development Through Extracurricular Activities  

At BMIS, education extends beyond the traditional classrooms, with a philosophy that holistic development is nurtured through extracurricular activities.  These activities not only supplement their academic knowledge but also develop life skills which play a very important role in shaping well-rounded individuals.  

The students are exposed to a diverse array of extracurricular activities at BMIS. The curriculum is designed to allow students to follow their passion and explore their interests in art, science, sports, or humanity. The school encourages student participation in these extracurricular activities and considers them an integral part of the curriculum.  This helps students to expand their skills and to shape their unique identity beyond the academic sphere.   

Character Building And Educational Value  

BMIS places a significant emphasis on character building and values education because we believe that success is measured not only by accomplishments but also by an individual’s character. The school aims to instill virtues such as integrity, empathy,  respect, and resilience in every student by encouraging them to participate actively in community service projects and exposing them to realities beyond their immediate surroundings.  

BMIS honors Indian values and systems and understands that they play an important role in raising ethical individuals. The Educators at school create a nurturing environment where the students feel supported in their personal and ethical growth. These values cannot be taught or preached but can only be interwoven in school life. The aim is to develop students who are morally upright and intellectually capable. 

Life Skills And Practical Learning  

With the evolving demands of the modern world, much emphasis is given to equipping students with practical life skills and real-world knowledge from a very young age. The extended curriculum of BMIS ensures that each concept is not only taught thoroughly in classrooms but also encompasses the practical application of that knowledge in real-world scenarios.  The educators work as a bridge that fills the gap between theoretical knowledge and its practical application.   

BMIS Students are encouraged to actively participate in workshops and seminars to get a taste of the professional world ahead for them. We believe practical learning and developing these life skills is a continuous and ever-evolving process that eventually builds students’ critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication. 

These are some of the many important aspects of a well-rounded education.  Academic knowledge is very important, but it is not enough to face the challenges of the 21st century.   


Education is a holistic experience that shapes individuals beyond the scope of mere academics. At BMIS,  we understand the importance of well-rounded education in the modern world and how it helps student development. We stand strong on our commitment to go beyond academic limits to raise individuals who excel in all aspects of their lives ahead.  

When BMIS students graduate and start navigating their lives, they carry so much more than academic excellence, the skills and learnings that will help them to flourish in the complexities of the modern world.

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